Showcasing digital art & photography

Showcasing digital art & photographyShowcasing digital art & photography


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about me. I hope you enjoy my site and take a moment to drop me a line.

About Me


My Background

Born January 24. 1963.  My sign is Aquarius.  Fortunately for me, I come from a large, generous and loving family.  This is due in large part to my Great Grandmother's example.  I would go to her house every weekday after school and she would watch after my brother's and I, till our parents got out of work.  If I  have a role model, it would have to be her.  The whole immediate and extended family would get together for holidays at her house.  She gave us many gifts, but my favorite was a yearly  subscription to The National Geographics Magazine.  I did not read it well, but I just loved looking at the excellent photography. I could not wait till it came in the mail, and we would save every issue.  I would look though them, pick the ones I wanted to look at, stack them up and take them to my room and look at them for hours.  Also I always loved going to the library and looking at the photography and  art in the books there. That was my favorite place in the world.  Fortunately now we have wify and the internet so I don;t have to leave the house to see great art and photography.    When I was very young my favorite time of day was when I was allowed to draw and paint and make things with my hands. Also I always enjoyed playing games, my favorite game in grade school was kill the man with the ball, I must have thought I was pretty tough because I could not wait to get the ball and after a while it would take a whole group of kids to get me down, most of the time I got the ball it would end in a pile up and once in a while even the whole group could not get me down.  As I got older, my love of art and photography never faded and eventually I went to college to study liberal arts.  High grades landed me on the Dean's list, and I loved college, so I signed up as a Student Ambassador, where I lectured prospective students and gave them tours of the campus.   If you are interested in the classes I took and the grades I got, my college records are under photos, on my Facebook page (link above & below). No courses in graphic design, digital art or photography.  However I did learn the computer (which I started using  ever since Radio Shack came out with the TRS80m AKA; The Trash80 (don't ask me why, I thought it was a great tool}, and my mother (Bonnie) told me the future was going to be in computers. The other things I learned through self study (tutorials, books and the resources I could find on the internet), and I was born an artist at heart. In grade school I got poor grades, was held back early on and had to be taken out of class, for one on one tutoring.  As a matter of fact I was sent to a special school for slow learners.  I dropped out of high school after my first year.  When I went back to get my GED, I took a College study skills class, this is when I finally fell in love with reading.  Fiction was my favorite (as I would dream about what I was reading),

I grow up in New Jersey and moved to Florida in 1976, then move to Iowa, then California, then back to New Jersey, then to Michigan and finally back to Florida.   The house I live at is a block from thee beach, was built in 1920, was lived in by my Great Grandfather, Grandfather and is three stories. My mother and two brothers (1 older (Chuck) and 1 younger (Steve)) also live here, although I have my own apartment on the third floor, which I share with my five cats.  We have a relative who is a Genealogist and he has traced our family roots back to King Alfred the Great. 

 Founder HRM Design, Inc, (in 1993) (HRM stands for Hetherington, Robson & Melton) where we did graphic design, printing, signs, web site design and advertising specialties.  Although not shown on my website we worked on many exciting projects, and had many great clients.  Many of our signs can still be seen around town.  I have bi polar disorder, and  was institutionalized several times (in a mental institution), which made it impossible for us to run the business, so we closed the doors in 2002. Since then I have been getting an injection of medicine every three week,and I see a Psychiatrist, both which has helped me cope with my disorder . 

Now I offer over a thousand designs (all done as speculative art, no client works), on over a thousand products online only at:  , , and  httpsin:// (this site contains some adult content (mostly male art), but you must be 18 or older and request access to adult content to view it).  I have been a member here since 2009, and have over one thousand eight hundred designs posted on Deviant Art .  

People say many things, one of them is less is more.  which may be true, if you're time is limited and you're goal is making, as much money as possible in that limited amount of time.  However they also say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  So since this is my home on the web, and even though I would like to feed myself and my cats, I have decided to share as much of my work as possible (not just my best sellers and favorites) excluding  my work that is adult in nature, as my main goal is to be remembered as one of the first great Digital Artist.  Maybe someone will stumble on something I would not have published because it was not that appealing to me at the time.  But it turns out to be something which appeals to almost everyone, not unlike the Mona Lisa or some other great work of art, which is discovered long after the Artist has passed.  Also I know what appeals to me, but I can't be sure what is going to appeal to you, and after all it is all a labor of love or I would not be wasting my precious time with it.  My current collection (not including client work) takes up over two hundred DVDs, although some of the DVDs have become corrupted already and can't be read, I will post what I can here, which means several variations  of the same image sometimes.  It is possible in Adobe Photoshop to batch a image to run whatever actions you like to as many images as you like, but I do not do that, I take my time and experiment with many different things or have in mind my goal for an image before saving it.  So I do make some executive decisions, about the work I do as I go, but the finale decision is you'res.  Of course the highest complement you can get as an Artist is when someone purchases your art.  So I am always pleased to make a sale, be it as small as a postcard or as large as a canvas print.  If you find  something here you would like to purchase and don't have the time to find it on one of the sites that sell my work or can't find it that way, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.  I am always more then willing to help, and make new friends, in the process.

Some of my other interest include; Singing which I did throughout grade school in the choir, and in the Church choir.  Dancing, my girlfriend and I won tickets the The Twenty Four Hours of Daytona car race (held at the Daytona International Raceway) at a Jr. High school dance.  So I decided I might be good enough to try out to become a Dance Instructor, at the local Arthur Murray.  Many people where at the tryouts, but they only picked two of us, for a six months, eight hour a day training program.  I learned all I could and was a Dance Instructor when I was in my teens, as a matter of fact I am still a pretty good dancer.  Next is Tennis which I also started playing at a young age,  I would often carry a tennis racquet with me in my free time and hit balls against the wall when I could not find anyone to play with me.  Often I would play with my older brother, most of the time he would beat me, as he had a very good serve.  I played tennis in California in a college class.  Then when I moved to New Jersey I tried out for the college team but did not make it.  About twenty years ago after watching Poker on TV I became interested in that too.  About ten years ago I started playing poker on Zynga Poker.  Since then I had built up over one trillion dollars in my wallet, and my best week landed me among the top five players in the world.  Zynga Poker is played in over 350 Countries and more then 550 million people have played there, since they started over twelve years ago 

I would like to tell you more about myself, my wonderful family, for example, we lost Trent Harold Robson ( 1963 -1966)  My mother's premonition or dream about a beautiful red rose that opened (ont unlike time laps photography) the center of the rose appeared and was the radiant image of a baby with a bright cheery smile.  Then the pedals started falling off of the perfect ruby red rose. Her vision ended with the fading away to the infant's magnificent image.  Hrd on all of is passing was hard on all of us especially my mother, as I am sure you could imagine.  However overall I have been blessed in many ways, not the least of all, I never could of imaged, in my wildest dreams, that would cross paths with friends of the highest caliber, they define belief.  Such as Louise (the beautiful Filipino woman I call Ma, since that is what she asked me to call her) in California , who took me in (when I was going through a difficult time) despite the imposition and her reservations about the LGBT lifestyle, the fact that I was madly in love with her oldest son (Karl a Filipina & German American born, very handsome actor and model) may have complicated matter  for other lesser evolved souls but she took me one hundred and twenty percent into her family, she even made it possible for the first time in my life too pursue  a higher education to it's fullest and helped me get a good paying potion (as a Merchandiser for Cal=West Periodicals) which meant pulling  some precious strings.  She even refused to take money form me. (this is also the only reason I was able to go to College and save up to move back to the home I had  grownup in, in New Jersey).  Believe it or not she even bailed me out, when I got in trouble (which was often (I might write a book or two, about this part of my life) and got me the best Lawyers money could buy) even though she worked very hard just to get by.  Not to mention her other son Hal (also American born Filipino & German) who will alway beat me at Chess no matter how hard I try or her lovely half American Indian & Filipino daughter Ross (who woke me up one morning , served me the best worst coffee I have ever tasted and burnt toast, both of which she had obviously made all by herself (and confessed her love) (although I  was quite flattered, by her, but did my best to explain why it could not work out for us). and my other partners, in life who have inspired me along my way (even though I have had some rough patches, I have been very lucky in love and life in general, and my last relationship lasted over twenty years), but first I need to publish my digital artwork and photography, which is what you came here to see after all.  Then I will add to my story here (that is a promise). .


Thank you for your time and interest in me and the work that I do!.


My Medium

One of my favorite tools is the computer and most of my designs are done in Adobe Photoshop, which I have used for over twenty years.  As a matter of fact I use many software programs to create my work on the computer.  For signs and other cut vinyl and engraving work I use Adobe Illustrator,  Flexi Sign and Adobe Streamline (to create a cutting or engraving path or to make lineart out of a photograph, that I can edit)_ and a Roland PC600 (printer, plotter) which prints (using wax & resin inks), cuts, and engraves (using a diamond tip) on all metals. The metals also take a special heavy duty cutting  shear, which we also invested in.  We also had a special printer (Epson) with die sublimation inks in it.  For imprinting of mugs, tee-shirts and other light colored advertising specialties.   Also we had  heat press equipment to transfer  images we printed to the final product.  I have a Wacom tablet for drawling and painting by hand on the computer.    I have done a little painting, using other mediums, but I have never sold any of them.   Also done but not sold is my vinyl art collection and hand painted concrete statuary that I keep here at my home.  Maybe one day  I will sell these other pieces, but I enjoy living with them and hate to break up the set, as it is part of my legacy as a Artist.  


My Inspiration

 Peter Max is my favorite Artist.  His use of color in the art of his I collect has inspired me a great deal. Now I enjoy long walks on the beach in my spare time and many of my pieces are directly influenced by these hikes in nature. I love taking photographs and editing  them in Adobe Photoshop   Much of my work starts out as art that appeals to me many from black & white outline that I add color texture and styles to them, in Adobe Photoshop. Since I am not able to afford professional models, I get books and magazines with images I like and scan them into my computer and work my Adobe Photoshop magic to them.  I also purchased vector art (which I used for signs and engraving as well as outlines for my artwork), clip art and stock photography, some of my photography was given to me by Matt Mrlton an passed down to me by Randall Nofs (such as many of my Building and Landscape original photography and Universal Studios photographs).  All of which I edit or use as textures in the work I do. For example my Victorian Art collection stated out as a coloring book of images, I picked my favorites and colorized them with colored pencil and makers then edited them in Adobe Photoshop (like much of my work) then added a photographic background to them.  I also love automobiles since I live in Daytona Beach (the home of speed)_  I found black and white outlines of many popular automobiles and worked my magic on them.   Hope you will check out the cars. and other works in my gallery here and that you enjoy it. When I find a great image, my most favorite thing to do is to experiment with color, texture and other tools in Adobe Photoshop till I am happy with the result.  Some artwork can be done in a short amount of time, and some takes a long time, before I am happy with the results. All images Copyright Blake Henry Robson 2019.  All rights reserved  I do not sell any of my work here, but if you like what you see here, please take some time to visit my other web sites and buy something that inspires you  Please do not hesitate to contact me ig you find something use would like to use or resell, or for any other reason, I am always happy to hear from you.  Any feedback is much appreciated.  Once again thank you for your time and attention.